Reserve Category Students


1)         Reserve category students who have taken admission in the College are informed that it is mandatory to submit duly filled in Free ship /scholarship Online Application Forms on or before stipulated time along with the necessary documents to avail the benefit of Freeship / Scholarship.


2)         They are advised to refer notices pertaining to Free ship / Scholarship displayed on the Notice Board from time to time. A detailed schedule of submission of duly filled in Application Forms will be displayed on the Notice Board.


3)         As Parents annual Gross income Certificate issued by Tahsildar is an important document required for sanction of scholarship / Free ship, students are advised to immediately commence the procedure to procure the same, so as to submit it on or before stipulated time.


4)         They are informed that if they fail to submit duly filled in online application forms along with the necessary documents within the stipulated period; they will be treated as Open Category students and will be required to pay Full Fees.




Those who are desirous of enjoying Leave Travel Concession, i.e. Long Journey Railway Concession, should write their complete Home Town address and nearest railway station in the Admission Form at the time of admission, failing which no application for long journey Railway Concession will be entertained.