Knowledge Bank


The Library of the College has a collection of relevant and fastidiously chosen books, which are related to the courses taught in the College. It is a combination of reading room and the books section.

A) Book Bank:

College library has started the Book Bank Scheme, which provides the prescribed textbooks for the benefit of the economically backward students. This book will be made available on payment of one-fourth price of the same.

B) Senior Register Book Bank:

in this scheme college will provide books to students with low price as compared to regular price such as 30% off on regular book cost.

Following are the rules and regulations of the Library:

1) Every student entering the Library premises should have a valid College identity Card. It should be produced as and when demanded by any of the Library staff.

2) Identity Card and Library Card are not transferable.

3) Students must handle the books or periodicals etc. with great care. Any attempt to damage books or periodicals by defacing or tearing the pages will be treated as misconduct and strictly dealt with.

4) If the Library card is lost, a duplicate will be issued on payment of Rs. 20/-.

5) Complete silence and strict discipline be maintained in the Library and Study Room.

6) Textbooks, reference books and journals will be issued to students against I- Card. Students are not allowed to take them outside the Study Room.

7) If any reference is required, students should approach the Librarian / Assist. Librarian.

8) Every Student is expected to read and strictly follow the instructions given on the reverse side of the reader's ticket. In case of late return of books, students will have to pay a fine @ Rs. 2/- per day. In case of serious default, the amount of fine may be increased up to Rs. 10/- per day.

9) While charging the fine, holidays will be counted.

10) Re-issue of the books will depend upon the demand for the same.

11) Any disregard of these rules will be reported to the Principal for appropriate action.

C) Library Resources

The library has an extensive collection of books and journals covering all aspects of Arts, Commerce, Science, Computer Science, Business Administration, Computer Application, Environmental Science, and Competitive Examinations.

The periodical Section is a vital Source for academic research and up - to - date -information subscribe 10 journals and 8 periodicals of various subjects and eight newspapers and are made available to faculty members and students.

D) Readers:

All the Junior College, Senior College, faculty members and non-teaching staff of the college are entitled to get the membership of the library.

E) Library Service and Facilities:

The library has a key role in supporting the academic activities of the institution by establishing maintaining and promoting the following library and information services, both quantitatively and quantitatively.

Borrowing Facility: Students


Each student every day in the week


1 Book




Book Bank for needy students


maximum 10 text books



One academic year


Faculty Members - Limit to issue 50 books for one academic year


F) Journals:

Current issues of journals and periodicals are in the "Research Reference and Periodical Section" and are made available to students and faculty members, Back issues of journals and periodicals are issued for home - lending for a week.

G) Open Access:

Open Access facility to staff members, students is available for affection use of library recourses.

H) Study Room:

Study rooms facility is available to students and faculty members, during the library hours.

I) Internet Facility:

A large number of resources are available on the web and students are provided with five computers for internet facilities. The board-band internet facility is available in the library for students and faculty. It is free of charge for faculty and students.

J) Current awareness service - (CAS)

Every month we issue a list of new arrivals and also issue Xerox copy of content page of research journals to respective department. This list of new arrival is also displayed on the notice board for information of students. New arrivals (books) are displayed on Display stand for seven days.

K) Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

The SDI service is given daily to faculty and students by supplying update current affairs, Newspaper clipping, latest books, etc.

L) Reference Service:

The reference book is made available to the readers during library hours for consultation. The personal assistance as guidance and help is provided, if required to the new readers to make use of the reference book.

M) Question Papers:

The sets of university examination question papers are made available to faculty and students from the library.

N) Inter Library Loan Facility:

The library can borrow the books from other libraries or issues the books to other libraries on INTER LIBRARY LOAN BASIS for a limited period of time. Out library can borrow or issue the books to the following libraries.

  • F. G. Naik College of Arts, Science (IT) & Commerce, Koparkhairne
  • D.Y Patil Medical College Library, Nerul
  • I.C.L. College, Vashi
  • K.B.P. College, Vashi
  • O) User Orientation:

    Orientation to the fresh students for effective of library and awareness about the services are given in the month of June / July of each year.

    P) Library Facility to Outside Readers:

    To ensure optimum use of the library collection and to generate additional financial resources, library has started "Library deposit scheme" to provide an opportunity to off campus users to avail the facilities of library resources.

    Q) Library Computerization:

    Our College library is fully computerized bar-coded. More than one thousand Books are available in digital format. ESAY Liberia: Library Management System Software Developed by Complex Technologies Pvt. Ltd. The library is having seven terminals for daily routine work and five terminals for internet access. Researchers of library and information science take the benefit of EBSCO database. The work of bar-coding is also completed, which helps for effective and speedy transaction of books.

    R) Other Curricular Activities:

  • Orientation to the new students for effective use of library.
  • Guidance to degree college students for their projects e.g. It students.
  • Notification of change in curriculum if any, from time to time faculty and students to encourage and promote the reading habits of the faculty and students. Library organizes book exhibitions from time to time.
  • We- propose to felicitate the first two students who make use of maximum number of books the library from Arts, Commerce, and Science stream.
  • S) Further Plans:

    To establish networking with other College and University libraries. To start indexing and abstracting service of periodicals in the library.

    T) Library rules for students:

  • Identity Card is compulsory for all enrolled students for availing of library facilities.
  • Identity Card will be issued by the librarian on presentation of admission receipt and photograph along with prescribed application form.
  • Duplicate identity card will be issued after prescribed application form.
  • Misbehavior and misuse of Identity Card is an offence and student responsible for same is liable for disciplinary action.
  • Suggestion box is kept in the library. Constructive / Complaints are entertained.
  • In case of any grievances the users should contact to librarian or principal.
  • Readers of the library may recommend resources for procurement. The library will procure the books journals of approval.
  • U) Reading Room:

  • "Reading Room" is kept open from 8.00 am to 8.00pm on all working days.
  • Students can borrow text books, journals; question paper sets on their identity card in the study room.
  • Books / Study Materials issued in the study room will have to be returned before leaving the study room, otherwise a fine Rs. 10/- will be charged per day..
  • Indiscipline / misbehavior of the student will be liable for the disciplinary action.
  • The store house of knowledge


    Library Details


    Books :-

    Total Books :- 9305

    Magazines :- 14


    News Papers :- 5


    Library Software

    MKCL Libraria  software

    ( Books Issue & Return )




    Digital Library Card


    Library Facitily

    Reading Room Capacity :- 30

    Computer Lab



    E- Commerce Computer


    Library Timing

    Monday to Saturday :- 08.00 am to 4.00pm


    Library Committee