The minimum attendance of 75% per term per subject in theory, practical and tutorial is compulsory failing which, their term will not be granted and will not be allowed to appear for annual examination. Due to poor attendance and/or poor academic performance and / or poor conduct their examination form may be withdrawn from University examination as the case may be.

In case of science students the term / terms shall not be deemed as kept and shall not be granted unless the student produces at the end of the term his/her laboratory Journals in his/her science subjects duly certified by Heads of the respective science departments.

All applications for leave of absence along with medical certificate, if any, are to be submitted to the College office (Inward section) and not directly to any teacher. Students who request leave of absence from lectures / practical’s / tutorials for participating in sports, games, cultural or any other activities for and on behalf of the College, should submit the applications countersigned by the respective Prof-in-charge.